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September 2017: Change of address in progress.


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Welcome to Sulware.com

Providing Website solutions since 1996

Web Design & Development

Software Development

SEO and Hosting

Support & Maintenance

General IT Consultancy

Solutions for all Devices

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Web Development

We are the leading web development experts in Ireland. From simple brochureware sites right through to mission critical solutions we do it all.

Mobile ready

All our solutions are built to render flawlessly on any device, be they mobile phone, tablet or desktop...

Software Development

Our core competency at Sulware is software design and development. That's our background and we've got decades of experience...

SEO Optimized

Sulware CMS, our flag ship product, allows for your business to easily update and keep your pages SEO optimised insuring your site is always search engine friendly

Maintenance and Support

We offer all levels of maintenance and support from standard Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm, to out of office, and 24/7 support

Tried and Trusted

We've been developing the perfect client solutions since 1996. But don't take our word for it, just look at what our clients say...

Our company

Founded in 1996 by Brendan O'Sullivan, Sulware is one of the most established web development company in Ireland today.

Our sole purpose is to provide products and services to help our ever growing list of clients to best utilise the Internet as a sales, marketing and business processes management tool.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, we pride ourselves in our dedication and commitment to our clients. Our work ethos is centered around becoming a trusted partner with our clients, someone they know will always be at the other end of a phone for support and consultancy when needed the most.

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Our expertise

The main thing we do really!! There's nothing we like better, than taking a clients initial thoughts, and working with them to bring their dreams to fruition online. From initial brainstorming and requirement gathering workshops through to prototyping, testing, delivery and ongoing support and maintenance. Our work methods are highly flexible with the clients best interests at heart.

Good Websites are never really finished. You get the first version up but if the site doesn't constantly evolve and grow, it will quickly get left behind. At Sulware our goal is to be your web development partner. We'll give you tools you need to keep your content fresh and alive, but the key thing for you to remember is we're always at the other end of a phone or email to help you explore all the different ways you can use the internet to make your business succeed in the 21st century.

The core development team at Sulware are Software Developers at heart. It's our bread and butter. What we were trained in and what we've been doing for decades. A good website starts with a good solid design and underlying framework. At Sulware we've spent the past 2 decades encapuslating our development skills into our own product suite. Primarily that suite revolves around Sulware CMS now on version 4.0.

Sulware CMS (Content Mangement System) is a very simple tool designed to easily allow you to keep your website content fully in your control. Adding, editing and deleting content shouldn't be a chore, and we've spent years insuring that it's as easy and efficient as possible. Sulware CMS makes updating and managing your website something your most junior staff can do (if you want them to!!)

By having our own CMS we can very easily modify and customise it to best suite your particular requirements. We're not tied down by third party systems. We have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to delivering your ideal solution.

Building the perfect website is just the start of it. Once your site is live it's a question of how to market and drive visitors to your site. The web is a busy place full of billions of web pages. Trying to get your site noticed can be a daunting task.

At Sulware, we can help your marketing team to come to terms with the web. Our sites have tools which allow you easily optimise your content and make it discoverable to all the main search engines. All our sites by default come fully integrated with Google Analytics so tracking customer behaviour and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is childs play.

We can work with you to work out online marketing strategies that best suit you.

Websites are always evolving. Always growing. Always responding to your customers needs. Unlike more traditional software projects, websites are never really truely 'finished'. They're in a constant state of change.

This is what we love at Sulware. The fast moving nature of the web. With constant changing technologies and new standards being introduced the whole time, it's never been more important to insure you've got the experts in your corner to keep your site relevant.

We offer a range of support and maintenance contracts. All our sites come with a default 'bronze' level support contract, which covers Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm queries and free upgrades. Based on your own requirements we can ramp this up to full 24/7 support if needed.