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Our highly experienced engineers and consultants are here to help you and your business attain the very most from the web. We have delivered custom built solutions for our clients ranging from simple brochureware websites all the way through to mission critical web based solutions utilising both business to customer and business to business transaction processing

Our goal is to explore new and exciting ways to maximise the amazing potential of the web as a rock solid, dependable sales, marketing and business process engine.

Check out our core services below

Project Management

Sulware consultants are seasoned pro's when it comes to working on web projects. From small family run websites right up to multi-million euro mission critical web applications, our consultants have worked on all types of projects.  We can provide the very best project management skills to insure your project completes on time and within budget.  We work from the requirements gathering phase of the project right through to project delivery and through support. 

We can help you establish internal procedures to handle all phases of the project and advise on the best tools to help manage the process, from bug tracking software to code repository management.

We'll establish clear project plans from the outset with clearly defined delivery points and resource allocation.  We'll use the identical project management procedures we use for our own projects or adopt any procedures that you require.

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Web Development

Website Development is our bread and butter!

This is our core strength and offering. Our software engineers have decades of experience in utilising the most current up to date technologies in order to come up with exciting applications that will help catapult your business into the 21st century.

We've been involved in everything from business process management based services through to simple brochureware websites and high throughput transactional based sites.

All our websites are designed with standards in mind. We aim to insure the highest level of standards adherence from site accessibility through to the extensive use of style sheets and XML based technologies.  All our solutions are fully responsive in nature using the latest industry tried and tested methodologies.

From a technology perspective we work with all leading Internet technologies including .NET and Java along with the latest database technologies.

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Web Design

At Sulware our team specialise in developing mission critical web applications and websites. Web design goes hand in hand with web development and because of that we've teamed up with some local web design agencies to help us insure that we provide the very best of both web development and web design skills that we can offer you. 

Latest studies show that website visitors will make up their minds about a site within the first couple of seconds.  A good visually high impact site design is critical to the success of a site. You need great designers working on your site to insure you hold onto those site visitors.  

When you choose us to develop your website, we'll first sit down with you and one of our designers and come up with a series of high level design directions for you to choose from. After that, our designers will refine the design and present to you for sign off.  Once you're happy with the design we'll then proceed to development where the design is converted into your final website.

All of our solutions now come with Twitter Bootstrap integrated into the solution as standard, meaning your site will render beautifully on all devices from mobile phone to tablet to desktop.  Just view our own site on your mobile or tablet to see what we're talking about.

As well as website design, our designers can work with you on your corporate identity requirements if you need.

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Website Hosting

Sulware have been partners with Tibus hosting, one of the premier hosting companies in Ireland, since 1996. Through this partnership we can offer a full range of Hosting services for websites and databases built for the LINUX, UNIX and Microsoft environments. We have been hosting websites for businesses since 1996 and understand the need to take a flexible approach to support and advice - depending upon the level of technical expertise in your team.

We can guarantee both the reliability and security of our service. Our hosting packages have been designed specifically with the needs of local businesses and public sector organisations in mind.

Our hosting services are flexible, cost-effective and fully supported by our own friendly, knowledgeable Hosting team.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So you've invested in a super new website, have it hosted but its not generating any business. Building and hosting your site are just two parts of the puzzle. SEO and online marketing is what drives people to your website. It's the lifeblood of every website. Without site visitors your site is just taking up web space.

SEO is the means by which a website makes itself visible and registers itself with all the leading search engines, so that when people key in those all important search words into Google, or Yahoo, your website is top of the list of results.

We can work with you to help incorporate a full SEO strategy within your sales and marketing team. At Sulware we see all SEO activity as being something that is critical for you, the client to understand and master. We'll help take care of the technical aspects of optimising your sites content for search engines, and then guide you through the SEO process so that you can build SEO activity into your everyday marketing activity. It's not rocket science, but it will make all the difference to your online success.

We can provide tools to help monitor the effectiveness of adword campaigns and other such marketing activity in your sites. We can advise and help in the setting up of company based twitter and Facebook accounts, and even advise on how best to blog your site ensuring full social networking coverage of your site.

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Software Development

It's not just websites that we do at Sulware. Indeed our history is in application and general software development primarily for Windows based systems but also for Unix systems. From C++ to Java and machine code (if you're mad enough to want it), we can provide you with the skills you need to deliver that mission critical software that you have to get done.

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IT Consultancy

If you're still considering your options when it comes to either the web or how to best incorporate general IT within your organisation, it always helps to talk to the experts. We can come discuss options with you for any IT venture you may be considering embarking on.

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Maintenance & Support

Our commitment to you doesn't just end at delivery of your new website. At Sulware, we realise that websites are constant works in progress! We'll give you the tools to keep your site content up to date, but we're always here to make sure that we can help you add new functionality to the site as you need it or just give your site a redesign to keep up to date with the latest web standards.

We can offer various levels of support from our standard level, covering 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, through to full 24/7 support packages if you need it.