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Our goal at Sulware is to take our many years of developing IT and web based solutions and build robust products that capture that experience and allow you to best utilise the web within your organisation. 

Since 1996, we've been delivering quality web applications and during that time we've been listening carefully to our clients. Based on our years of experience we've developed our own suite of in house products to help us deliver the very best quality solutions that will take care of your current and future web needs.  

Our two key web products are listed below:

Sulware CMS v4.0

All of our web solutions start with an implementation of our core Content Management System, Sulware CMS v4.0.  We've been using this product on client sites since v1.0 back in 2000.  

Sulware CMS v4.0 allows business site owners to easily, quickly and securely modify their site content whenever they need to without the dependence on expensive web developers. The latest version is fully integrated with Twitter Bootstrap. Write your content just once and let Sulware CMS make sure it renders perfectly across all devices and platforms.

From simple text modifications to uploading graphics, videos and pdf/office documents, the most complex of website can be effortlessly maintained by your business and marketing teams.

The product allows for various user roles. The two key roles are Editor and Publisher. Editors can use the CMS to update content anywhere in the site, but their changes won't go live until a Publisher reviews and publishes.

Once the base CMS is in place, custom functionality for your very specific business needs can be built into the CMS giving you a fully optimised solutions specifically tailored for your needs. This approach represents the best of all worlds : The security of having a tried and trusted off the shelf product coupled with the flexibility and customatisation of a tailored bespoke solution written specifically for your companies needs.

The key features of Sulware CMS are:

  • Secure online password protected admin console area
  • Add, edit and remove pages
  • Live WYSIWIG Page Editor (including graphics and file uploading)
  • Publisher/Editor roles: Allow your different content providers to supply content to the site and preview what it will look like, but only publishers can make the content live!
  • Full user management (add, edit and remove users)
  • Full list manager (for latest news, events, etc.)
  • Navigation management (auto generate in-depth menu's based on the pages you add)
  • Full Responsive design handling - Write once run on any device!
  • Email marketing components
  • Guest Book Manager
  • Online Payment Processor
  • Online Shopper
  • Easy to use and manage Forums
  • Full blog functionality
  • Gallery manager for managing beautiful image gallery's

As with all of our work, Sulware CMS is built entirely around open industry standards. 

Sulware.com (i.e the site you're currently on!) was developed using the basic Sulware CMS 4.0 product with no additional bespoke functionality. 

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Sulware Member Management

One of our key solutions is in the area of online membership management.  If your organisation is based around servicing your members needs then talk to us today to see how we can help.  Our Member Management solution caters for all types of member based organisations. From financial management companies right through to sports club bodies, our Member Management software has been used to tremendous success.  Our system caters for membership registration, renewals, benefits, awards, digital log management, special offer management, to name but a few features, and is highly customisable to cater for the most demanding client requirements.  So whether you need to move away from using an old Access Database to manage your members, or from the boxes of physical customer records look to Sulware Member Management for the perfect online solution.  

Click here to read more about our Member Mangement product.

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Sulware Online Store v2.9

Our online store product is an extention module for Sulware CMS.  Basically it provides everything you need to run and operate your online store.  From product catalogue management right through to sales order fulfillment, reporting and integration with all the leading payment clearance systems, Sulware Online Store will take of all your online e-commerce requirements.

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